All stars in one place–Wax museum @ Times Square

Last weekend was an eventful one having visited Times square again and wax museum for first time.  Times Square always gives me immense pleasure and joy looking at the people from every corner of the world.To tell the importance of the place,there is Yahoo! boarding which says ‘place where world checks in everyday’.In Times square , world famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is a must-visit place where you can see the statues of renowned personalities who made their mark in the history through their contributions.

iPhone – world in your hand

I got iPhone 4 last week and have already been my must-have companion all along this week whether it may be finding timings of NJ Transit,getting a coupons for NY cruises or in giving directions to a South Indian restaurant. I thought of buying iPhone when I first came to USA but it happened after 2 long years.Its very exciting to have it after such a long time of aspiration.After the purchase of my first computer, iPhone 4 is definitely the notable electronic I used.I think its interface and design is best in the business. I am happy with it without any signal  issues that scared me to delay the purchase and thought of sharing some features that caught my eye in a week usage.  iphone 4

Simplicity is divine

Simplicity defined to be uncomplicated. This attribute does not mean doing uncomplicated work but doing work in an uncomplicated way. All the greats that I have been admiring since my childhood have a personal trait in common i.e., simplicity. They make their work look so simple that their way is the only way to greatness.Personalities to name a few such as Albert Einstein,Mahatma Gandhi,Sachin Tendulkar etc. are all contributed to their fields in their own way.Let me tell you how these greats said the world that simplicity is divine through their works. 

E = mc2 by Einstein is the one of the most path breaking equations of all time.Its applications are enormous ranging from PET(Positron Emission Tomography) scans in hospitals to energy calculation in nuclear bombs.The equation’s elegance lies in explaining complicated mass – energy relation in a most simple possible way. Even a non-physicist can understand that as it says ‘under right conditions, Mass and Energy are inter-convertible’. He is an example for Simplicity in expression of thought.

Once upon a time…

All the good old stories always used to start with those lines.Yes today I feel like sharing a story with you. This story has its humor with wisdom.All the credits for this story has to go to one of my dearest friends.So lets start the story now.
Once upon a time there is a king and an intelligent minister.One day coming back from evening walk with minister, king cut his finger off while closing the door.
In lot of pain he shouted : “Why did it happen to me?
then minister replied back: “Everything happens for good.”
Listening to minister’s reply made Akbar angry and ordered soldiers to keep minister in jail for improper behavior.
             After few days, one fine morning king went for hunting into forest.While he was hunting for a deer,a group of man eating tribes attacked and caught him. The tired and tied king was brought to their camp and started preparations for cooking him to eat for dinner.Meanwhile, head of the tribe started examining king’s body as they have norms like not to eat a handicap or injured creature etc. Fortunately for king, tribal head found that Akbar doesn’t have a finger which he lost earlier so they considered him to be handicap and released him.
            Coming back to palace with happiness and joy of escaping death,

Interesting Blogs to follow

There are so many blogs in the internet now its becoming too hard to find a quality one. I would like  to point a few blogs that I have been following for quite a long time and post really interesting things.
  •  hitXP (Human Intelligence To-solve Xtreme Problems) : Its been one of the blogs that I have been following it for years now. It’s a fascinating blog by Gurudev with so many kinds of topics from chicken-egg problem to Boson or God particle related articles.I am amazed with his style of writing and how he handles the topic with ease and brilliance.Its one of the best blogs I ever encountered.
  • Digital Inspiration : This blog is one of the oldest and famous blogs from India by professional blogger Amit Aggarwal.Its tech savvy blog that has how-to guides, news and links to so many other technology blogs.

Dalai lama @ 75 – Spiritual leader with Scientific thinking

Yesterday,I saw an interview of 14th Dalai lama on his 75th birthday by Barkha Dutt and was rightly amazed and amused with simplicity and humor from a spiritual leader.Dalai lama is the head of Tibetan Buddhist monks. As I used to think, it is not the name of the person, it is the title just like Pope for Christians. At present , we have 14th Dalai lama beginning his reign from 1950’s till present.His Holiness shared his experiences throughout his life.Among those, I would like to share a few facts which I found interesting from this elegant,intelligent yet humorous Buddhist monk.
                He is very fond of watches and eating non-vegetarian food. As he from Northern Tibet where vegetation is not possible, he has to go for meat as a part of diet. At age 7,

Aamir Khan with NDTv – Revenue sharing business model in movies

I like to share gist and my views on that interview. Before getting into details, let me start with an intro of who the person is. ‘Aamir khan’ name speaks for itself in India.Last few years has been dream run for him with movies like Taare Zameen Par, 3 Idiots.He is  one of the few multi-talented people in movies with mix of intelligence and care for masses.He gave an interview regarding the revenue sharing business model that he generally follows in his movies.He talked about inner details of how movie market works from promotion to profit distribution.For his full interview, click here.
                Personally, I always felt that profit sharing is the best strategy to have in movie business. As I have grown up in India where Movies and cricket are the main sources of entertainment from childhood till now, I have been following both very closely.Setting cricket aside for another day, movies are entertainers as well as business to make profits in no time. So these profits should be reached to all levels of movie industry who kept time and sweat for the movie. In our usual movie world, movie will be sold to distributors before its release. Depending on the stars craze among local people, movie can be sold to huge amounts (can be even Rs. 100 crores). After the release,

Aug 7th 2010

Today, thought of blogging after a long time and doing first time in US after completion of masters.Its been 2 long years of struggle and joy in Syracuse making life an exciting roller coaster ride till now. Though ,I completed my masters and started the job hunt long back, getting a job for me in this post recession period has been like finding oasis in a desert .Like in desert, I saw mirages of phone interviews from some companies but no fruitful results yet. For making myself not to get disappointed and get lost in this pathetic situation, I am watching 1 movie each day. In that way, covering some decent Brad Pitt’s movies recently. Now its time to watch a  movie and call it for the day and till next time…goodbye