Water Aid

Water is the most abundant and most misused resource in the world.As per the reports, 4000 children die of  drinking unclean water each day.Unhygienic drinking water is the one of the causes of the most of the deadliest diseases.Its unfortunate to have this situation but need to deal with this as quickly as possible.
Though we are progressing in technology to reach wider range of people, we are still unable to provide basic needs like clean water,food etc., for the entire population of the world.There are many organizations that are trying to help people who lacks clean drinking water.
Check out the videos of the collection of techniques and organization that are trying to achieve motto “Water for all”.

Ayodhya,Aadhar,CWG,Robo….what’s more coming?

These last few days are quite an eventful days in Indian History.Wondering how these effect Indian History, let get into details straight away:

Robo : Robo is the one of the most anticipated movies of the year and costliest movie ever from India.It has all the big stars in Indian Cinema like Rajnikanth,Aiswaraya rai,Shankar,A R Rahman etc and technical values from famous studio which involved in films like Avatar,Jurassic park etc.It is sci-fi movie and hoping to watch it in this week.Looking at the teaser videos, it feels like Hollywood movie from India.I hope this rewrite all the records and take Indian Cinema to new heights.

Trailor video of Robot: